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Fabulous Flash Award

July 30, 2010

Many thanks to Diandra on for the Fabulous Flash Award last week.

For details on Fabulous Flash Award see

The rules state that on receiving this award, you should pass it on to four other fabulous flashers, so here goes: Nettie is mistress of the unexpected. She extracts the slightly creepy from the ordinary situation or person, and makes you believe. Jacky writes fabulous, original stories, with wonderful twists. I particularly like ‘Creation’ in her short stories category, which is beautifully written, and sees things from an unexpected perspective. I love Rebecca’s’ writing, it is always so fresh and alive. She can turn her hand with ease to several different genres. My favourite of her stories is Listen, posted on 1.07.10, which is very poetic, and can be read on several different levels. I’ve only discovered Elijah Toten today, and immediately want to post an award for him. He is able to see things from an unusual perspective, and writes about life, but not quite as we know it. All is beautifully written.

I have taken far too long deciding on the above, and hope that I have carried the Award on it the way it is meant to be done. I deliberately chose 4 writers with totally different styles, and above all, whose writing I enjoy.  I aimed at blogs where fiction is clearly separated from other writing, to enable easy access to the stories. There are so many wonderful writers on Twitter, I wish I could choose you all!


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  1. Oh Sue, you sweetie! I was just having a browse on your blog and found this! I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed it until now, you must think I am so rude for not thanking you before.

    THANK YOU!!! xxxxx

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