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Nanowrimo or Nonowrimo?

October 25, 2010

In a moment of madness, I signed up for Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month). Now the tips and incentives are rolling into my Twitter box and writers everywhere are chattering like Magpies about planning, plotting, choosing writing hats, making time, gagging and tying up children in the cellar. And me? I am befuddled. Am I going to succeed in producing 50,000 words to order? I don’t know. Am I even going to start? Yes, I am (I think). I have been planning, and have a reasonable idea of my story. I have all the time in the world. I can put two words together and come up with a picture of many parts. So – what is my problem? Well, I admit to a dreadful lack of application. After 300 words or so my mind wonders. I think of food, I tweet, I play Scrabble (one of the obligatory 3 games a day at least).  I also find it hard to write quickly and lightly, I pay far too much attention to using the right word from the beginning. I will be away for a few days, so will need to get ahead of myself and have catching up to do. But my biggest drawback is FEAR: fear that I can’t produce the volume of words, fear that they won’t be good enough, fear that I am not really a writer and am kidding myself. So, Nanowrimo or Nonowrimo? There is only one way for me to find out – go for it.


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  1. We are so alike! I will drift after a short while. This is why I decided to try NaNoideawhatIamdoing this year. I am intrigued to see if I can convince my brain to rise to the challenge.

    I am Nissi at NaNoWriMo, so if you want a buddy who will forget to reply, lives in a different time zone and has the concentration of a gnat…befriend me. 🙂

  2. Hi Sue

    I could have written that post last year. Believe me once you get off the starting line and you set up your little graph thing (download the NaNoWriMo app on Facebook and you can have a graph on your profile) you will get into the spirit of it.

    Just tell yourself you could have the best part of a book by the end of the month. Yes, you will need to edit it a lot, but having that big chunk done is key to finishing a book of I think.

    Best of luck with it!
    Rebecca xx

  3. Melissa permalink

    Last year was my first NaNo and I totally didn’t think I could do it, but guess what? That first day I wrote my 1,667 words. If I could write 1,667 words that day, I could write it the next. Well, I didn’t (mondays suck, you know) but I tried again that next day and I got close and I kept going and that weekend I made up the lost words and I kept going and going until the end of the month. I looked back on the 30th at all those late nights and those writing during my lunch brake and every other little trick I did to get a few more words on a page (like run-on sentences like the ones I’m doing now) and somehow, just somehow, all those days added up to a 50k novel. Just keep with it and you’ll do fine.

  4. You write so easily and interestingly that I don’t know why you are afraid of failure. But where is the joy of success if you never taste the failure that goes with it? My entire life I have tried to write and then I get a rejection (albeit qualified with things like ‘you do have the talent’) and don’t write for another two or ten years… at present i have 37000 words of a novel and it would have been 100000 if i hadn’t kept changing the damn thing every five minutes. You can sit down and write. I don’t get distracted, I get nauseaus (spelling) if I sit tickling the keyboard too long… not tweeting, writing, GO FOR IT SUE… you can do it, i know you can… YOU DO HAVE THE TALENT…

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