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A Christmas haunting?

January 2, 2011

This is a true account; the facts are exactly as described. The interpretation is Sue’s alone.  See what you think.

They had gathered at Louise’s house that Christmas Day, twelve of them in all. Everybody made it, despite the snow. The house offered a wonderful Christmas venue, with a large sitting room dominated by a beautiful inglenook with a roaring log fire, and the dining room had a table long enough to seat everybody. It was reminiscent of a scene from a Christmas card and it seemed that nothing could disturb the cosy atmosphere.

Seasonal music played whilst the presents were distributed and opened. Pride of place went to the little boy’s remote control rat, and there was much bumping of skirting boards. The adults oohed and aahed with genuine pleasure at the gifts they received. Louise, well into adulthood, was delighted at the CD of songs from Annie, the film, and played it for the rest of the afternoon, singing along with it. The children didn’t need much encouragement to join in, whether or not they knew the words!

It was a wonderful, typical Christmas, with the usual cooking-by-panic, with the odd fingertip being chopped off by the peeler. The food, late of course, was delicious, washed down by Nick’s well-chosen wine. You could always rely on Nick for a good wine.

Later, the children were getting tired and it was time for them to go home. Those who were staying had a lovely evening, with much consumption of cheese and chocolate. All were feeling very lazy, very full, but above all, very happy. Yes, alcohol had been consumed, but not enough to distort the senses.  At about half past one in the morning they were starting to think about going to bed, and Ceilidh braved the cold outside for a cigarette. As she stood there, she was surprised to hear the noise of tools. First she heard the screech-scrinch-screech-scrinch of what was possibly a saw. This was followed by the unmistakable tap-tap-tapping of a hammer. Who would be hammering in the early hours of Boxing Day morning, and for such a length of time?
‘Rob’,  she asked, as he came out of the house to check that she was all right. ‘Did you hear that?’
Rob replied that he had heard nothing. They stood and listened, but there was nothing more to be heard.

They went back in and Ceilidh told of the strange sounds she had heard. Everybody speculated as to what they could be. Then Sue said, ‘You do realise that this is allegedly the most haunted village in England and that the pub just around the corner is called the Blacksmith’s Arms? Nobody ever seems to stay there long…’


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  1. grannyrant permalink

    Hi Sue,

    I read this over Christmas and I’m really impressed by your writing. I love spooky stories and this one is similar to some that circulate our family parties at regular intervals….well done….Granny x

  2. Hi Sue, Enjoyed your spooky Christmas story… how is the course going? I’m not sure that you need it, you have such a natural storytelling ability. Speak soon.

  3. Wow, this is so creepy!! Love the way you have written it so it reads like fiction. Brilliant.

  4. Hi Sue, I loved it, its really well written and sends a tingle down the spine. Thanks for sharing it Anette xx

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